Arasta, refers to the bazaar, in other word, store. Its merchants generally have opposite position of other merchants in terms of the location of store and they sold same kind of merchandise in a street, which was covered by a roof.

At the time of Ottoman Empire, there were social organizations like Madrasa, soup - kitchen, Turkish bath, ancient Turkish health center or library. In addition to these organizations, there were also some “Arasta”. The aim of Arasta was providing income for both social function and maintenance of Islamic - Social complex. This led communities for mosques, which were in the main.

There were some customs and traditions for not only Caravansary and inn, which had a significant value for Turkish commercial culture and traditions, but also Arasta’s. One of the most remarkable traditions was that the merchants of Arasta prayed altogether before they opened their stores and they took an oath for doing their jobs honestly. For doing these, it is said that some of Arasta’s had prayer squares and some of other had prayer dome.


About Us

Human resources management is the key factor for a successful entrance to a new environment or business area. By transferring the right person, time, money and energy consumption can be saved; comfortable competition environment can be established; stability and confidence can be surrounded.

Especially, for the international competitive atmosphere, our company is ready to solve the structural problems and to find suitable models for unification, emerging or similar partnerships.

Being a candidate for admission to EU, Turkey is attracting the world’s investors and many of them are following precisely the market changes carefully. Their collected data and analysis are processed at the very top levels of the companies. Turkey is ready and will become one of the business centers. Hence, ARASTA is ready to coordinate and develop business plans for early achievements.

Entrepreneurs need to have a basic understanding of standard business, legal and financial terminology. Doing business internationally, this terminology takes on additional complexity because different phrases and terms are likely to be used in different countries.

Success in trade usually brings political and cultural integrity. Trade between nations can be traced back centuries before, when tribes did barter with clothes, food or other products. Today, mainly similar rules may applied for trade relations, but the system and the instruments are enormously changed. The growth of the internet, communicational skills, transfer or distributional facilities, customs, port, navigation, documentation, banking, quality control mechanisms, or many other developments are all providing unexpected business opportunities for international firms. ARASTA is ready to catch these opportunities according to the customers’ direction

Forms of international business such as, licensing, franchising, management contracts, international trade, multinational corporation activities are some of the subjects that ARASTA takes into consider.

International strategic management, strategies to enter Turkish market, International strategic alliances, organizational design for interpersonal business, managing behavior and interpersonal relations, controlling the international business are the important details for our guests coming abroad. Hence, ARASTA is ready to take care the crucial aspects, on behalf of customers.

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 Financial Management/Consultancy/Brokerage Services

 International Partnerships in terms of Trade/Investment Fields

 Feasibility Studies

 Analyzing and Reporting of Projects/Companies/Processes

 Managing and Developing of Production/ Industry/ Technology/ Merchandizing Programs

 Research and Development/Technology/Analyzing and Evaluating Scientific Projects

 Management Organization/ Human Resources Management

 Capacity Building/ Know-How Transfer

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